Account number: Q005534332.

MR# Q00069333424.

Admitted date: 03/24/2021.

Status: Inpatient admission.

Location :MedTelemetry .

Room : 42111.

Attending doctor: Greener Insent.

Patient number: Baking, Monica.

Primary diagnosis: Right Hemicolectomy.( Removal of one side of the colon is called hemicolectomy)

Secondary diagnosis Altered mental status, CVA,Left facial droopy,Abdominal pain,Diabetes type 11. Resuscitation Status: DNR.

Is patient at risk for fall : No.( complete bed bound)Turn and reposition Q2hours.

Side rails up.

Bed in low position and locked.

Call light within patient reach.

Suicidal risk: No.

Do you have advance Directive: No.

Copy of advance Directive on the chart.

Doctor orders:

D5ns @30ml/hour.

Glucerna 50ml/hour,flush 10ml/Q6hours. Accucheck Q6hours.

Rectal tube .

Foley catheter to gravity. ( amber urine)

Heparin 5000units subQ daily.

Insulin sliding scale Regular insulin subQ.

110 to 200= 0.

201 to 250=2units .

251 to 300 =4units.

301 to 350= 8units.

351 to 400=8units. >400 call the doctor.

Zosyn 3.375gm IV Q8hours.

Morphine sulfate 2mg IV Q6hour prn severe pain.

Normal saline flush 10ml Q8hours/ scheduled. Zocor 20mg ngt Qhs.

Flagyl 500mg IV Q6hours.

Multivitamin liquid 5mg ngt.

Levemir 12units subQ Qhs.

Hold if patient is NPO.

Erythromycin 250mg ngt Q8hours.

Albuterol sulfate HHN Inhaler/Nebulizer Q4/ scheduled per respiratory protocol.

Norvasc 10mg ngt daily.

Tylenol 650mg ngt Q4hours prn temperature or pain.

The Removal of one side of the colon is called hemicolectomy and attached the small intestine to remaining portion as seen in the above pictures. Mayo Clinic Foundation for Medical education and research.

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