The Route administration is the way in which medications are administered into your body system. There are eight routes of medication administration are as follows:

1.Intravenous route that is the medication is going through the vein to enter the body.This is done by a Registered Nurse or the Physician. The intravenous medications include direct intravenous push.For examples dilaudid IV, Morphine sulfate, Ativan, Dilantin etc,intermittent Piggyback.

3.Intramuscular route that is called IM .It is given directly into the muscle you must know the size of the needle.( size 23 is usually use but check the size of your patient)Please pinch the skin before giving. Follow doctor orders and facility policy and procedures.

4. Topical route include nasal,vagina, rectal, oral ear,eye.

5. Inhalation route : This is usually given by respiratory therapist .

6.Parental route that is for PPN,TPN and LIPID..

7.Intradermal route such as PPD testing. 8.Continuous Infusion such as IV Infusion,D5NS,0.9NS,D10,D5.45NS etc.

Nursing Responsibilities.

1.Follow the doctor orders, check the doctor orders for name,signature and make sure he or she is one of the doctors that can write orders in your hospital. Follow your Hospital policy and procedures.

2.Identify the patient using the two identifiers.( armband, patient full name and date of birth)Do not use room number to avoid medication errors.

3.Wash your hands before giving medications and after giving medications.

4.Introduce yourself and your purpose that is what you will be doing,why you should do it,and what the doctor orders says.

5. Provide privacy for the patient, draw the curtain.

6.Place patient in a comfortable position. If it is oral medication 💊Is your patient awake?.Do your patient understand what you are doing?. Can your patient swallow.

7.Do not leave medication at the bedside.If you are using topical route did you wipe the site?.Don’t forget to wash your hands after the procedure.

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A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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