Chidima is a Registered Nurse got employed as a Med/ Telemetry nurse.She loves her job.She is very friendly, caring, compassionate, and empathy.

She understands her job description and reviewed her job description well.There are various units and departments in the hospitals including Telemetry unit.MedTelemetry is a unit in the hospital, where patients are regularly monitored thoroughly through electronic Information is collected and displaced in a central location. The monitor technicians print out information including stripes for the nurses every four hours and notifies the nurses if there is a problem with their patient or patients.

In MedTelemetry unit patients with stroke, heart failure, heart attack and unstable patients are placed in this unit. They’re monitored until they recover or become stable. And if their conditions deteriorate they will be transferred to ICU for more observations and care.

She loves and understands placing the telemetry probes ,and monitoring the patient well.She understands the P waves and the QRS intervals very well.She also understands when the electrolytes such as potassium are low and needs to be replaced.

She calls the doctor to get orders for replacement of abnormal electrolytes. She uses SBAR when calling the doctor.

And to recheck the lab values after replacement. She is liked by everyone including her director and her manager. She is very honest and will speak the truth even to her disadvantage.

In MedTelemetry unit registered nurses have four patients unlike in medical surgical floor where you can have five to six patients. Chidima clocks in at 0658am and clocks out at 1930pm.She works three days a week but sometimes she works four days of twelve hours shift.

Her job is good ,she has health insurance, dental insurance, 401k and so many benefits. She savedup really well because she wants to buy a house and invite her parents over to make them proud of her. She didn’t tell any one her plans,she wanted to surprise them.So Chidima kept working hard and putting money away.

After two years of working hard Chidima planned to visit her parents back in Nigeria. Meanwhile she got herself a boyfriend. They love each other and are planning to become one in the future. But she want to keep it private.Her boyfriend name is Jacob a Plumber. He works with a private company and also has a job that he does in the garage. Chidima got a scary phone call from home that her mother is sick and in the hospital. She asked the caller to send her a text ,so that she can show her manager and they did.The next day, she went to her manager and showed her the text message and demanded to be off for two weeks. The manager told her that it is too sudden and she wanted her see if other nurses will volunteer to work for her.Sure enough she had four people willing to work for her as long as she will “pay it forward “when she returns back to Maryland, USA.Chidima starts to prepare for her visit to Onitsha in Nigeria.

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A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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