Sometimes the preparation of a journey is greater than the journey itself. As she prepares to travel ,she visited her doctor’s office to make sure that she got all shots and medications needed before taking the trip.Her doctor referred her to the public health office to give her some booster shots that she might require. Her doctor also gave her prescriptions for Zithromax 250mg po Q12hours ×10days and Doxyciline 100mg po Daily for 21days. She started taking the Doxyciline two days before her travel. A day before she traveled she went for COVID19 test. She is already vaccinated with Pfizer, and boosted.

She did some shopping for her parents and siblings, she bought vitamins( multivitamin, vitamin Bcomplex), clothes and some granular bars.She packed up her baggage and ready to go to the airport. Jacob is working and she doesn’t want to park her car at the airport, so she took a lyft to the Baltimore international Airport. She arrived two hours before departure time,she has her COVID19 test and COVID19 card to show that she is vaccinated and boosted. The COVID19 test that she took a day before is negative.

The line at the airport is not bad at all. She line up to check in her bags and her passport in her hand.The line is slow but steady.

Suddenly a man collapsed and land on the floor.It is announced that doctors, nurses and medical professionals are needed STAT.Several doctors and nurses including Chidima rushed to the scheme. CPR started and 911 called,he was unresponsive. They continued the two person CPR until paramedics arrived. Reports were given to the paramedics and they took over his care.He has a history of stroke in the past and he recovered without deficit. He was still breathing so the paramedics are taking him to emergency room immediately for evaluation and treatment. He will surely be admitted to ICU or MedTelemetry unit.

Chidima finally boarded Delta airline after getting her tickets at the ticket counter.Their plane will get to Lagos Nigeria by about 2pm the next day Nigeria time.She is very happy, calm,relaxed and calculated. Chidima in the air thinking and praying for her mother’s quick recovery. Foods and drinks were served in the plane,beer, stout ,wine,red wines, water,salad and rice.Chidima removed her mask to eat and put her mask back on after eating and drinking.

After eating she fell asleep .The meal was balanced fiber,carbohydrates, proteins and fats. They arrived at Lagos international Airport, Nigeria before 1pm.She decided to spend one night and travel the next morning by plane to the East.The next day she traveled to the Eastern Region.Her mother was discharged from the hospital the previous day. Her parents celebrated her return back home.She ( mom) took Chidima to visit friends and families and announced her return. She arrived home on Thursday but between Saturday and Sunday Chidima had five suitors, her mother insisted that she must pick up one person. Her mother has told so many people that she is a virgin,a Registered Nurse and a USA citizen. Some men could careless if she is a virgin or not.But few men are interested to experiment it.The question that arises is.Is Chidima a virgin?.Do her mother needs to know the truth?. Chidima spoke with all the five men and collected their phone numbers.

She attended all the functions and celebrations that she was invited to. They went to visit Mike and his parents. They are very ,very rich. Mike is a medical doctor with Luth Hospital Lagos. Mike father is a retired banker.And his mother was a Registered Nurse in Canada for ten years and a matron with Luth hospital for 25years. She treated all the men equally and identified each one of them very well. She spent nine days in the village before heading back to Lagos, Nigeria. Doctor Mike decided to leave the village the same day that Chidima is going back to Lagos Nigeria. Mike insisted that she should go with him to Lagos Nigeria. So Chidima and Mike traveled together back to Lagos Nigeria. Chidima told Mike that she has a boyfriend named Jacob.Mike replied that is okay, I don’t expect a beautiful woman like you to be in USA all by yourself without a boyfriend. Let us just be friends with no strings attached. They agreed, Mike slept in his master bedroom and Chidima slept in the guest room. The next day he dropped Chidima off at the international Airport Lagos Nigeria.The Airport is less crowded and the line is faster than expected. But the airport employees are all interested in begging for money. It is sorrowful. Chidima felt embarrassed for them. Before she left for the airport ,Chidima told Mike that she love Spring Maryland, USA, it is beautiful but can be very very cold other than that, it is a great city.

She entered(boarded the airplane and started to think about what to do when she gets home. She will rest at home for two days before she resume with work. Four patients,vital signs Q4hours and prn,charting Q4hours and if patient’s condition changes. Patient assessment Q4hours.I cannot wait to get back to work she said to herself.

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A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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