APHASIA is a disorder of communication ability, that is losing your ability to communicate or to write(Language impairment).It is usually caused by stroke,brain tumor, head injury, infection, Dementia.The cerebral cortex controls our ability to express self through gestures, writing, words and understanding spoken or written words. It can be expressive ( understands but cannot speak or write)receptive.( cannot understand written or spoken language)

Teach the individual to follow simple commands such as touch your face. Ask the patient to name things around him or her.

Three types of Aphasia are Broca’s Aphasia, Wernicke’s Aphasia,and global Aphasia. The nurse should assess patient level of orientation to self, person,place and time and the cognitive ability. As soon as the underlying cause is identified and treated, the main treatment will be speech therapist for evaluation and treatment, support groups, Stroke Rehabilitation, and group psychotherapy.

Dysphasia is an impairment to speech but not as severe as aphasia.Commonly an injury to the speech area in the cortex of the brain. Dysphasia has to do with difficulty to swallow solid or liquid. It is due throat problem or the esophagus. It can be Obstruction or a disorder of the esophagus. This may happen after a stroke,tumor inte brain or other factors. The doctor will order for barium swallow test to find out the underlying cause ,and will recommend Speech therapist evaluation after the diagnostic tests such as CT scan, Xray-(barium xray)has confirmed the diagnosis. Follow up with your doctor orders and all the required diagnostic tests and procedures.

This is dysphasia symptoms.

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