As We Aged (Old age )What legal services Do We Face?.

Do you receive calls from strangers asking you about FINAL EXPENSES?.Is it irritating to you?. Me too,I don’t feel comfortable with the calls.It is important to prepare for these things and get legal services to protect your right as seniors. The legal issues are:

  1. Taxes that is taxation and how it affect the aged adults. There is tax reduction for seniors when you’re above 65years. Seek financial advicer for help.
  2. Social Security and Medicare Appeals.Find out if you’re qualified for Social Security and Medicare and appeal for it.
  3. Pension. Some facilities pay pension and some does not pay pension. So find out ahead of time if you will be receiving your pension and plan your life .
  4. Property Management and Sales. How and what do you want to do with your properties?.Sell your house or give it to your relatives or organizations?.
  5. Housing Disputes. Do you want to prevent house disputes by selling your house or reverse mortgage?.
  6. Right to Work. Can you work?. Do you want to work?.Who wants to hire you?.Work at your convenient part time if you can and are physically fit.
  7. Advance Directive for health care. Is a means that allows individual to express what they want in regards to illness or dying.
  8. Provision for long term inability to manage self.Durable power of Attorney will allow individual to appoint someone to make decisions about their health when they are unable to do so.This should be carefully thought through with a complete understanding of the risk and benefits involved.
  9. Concern about division of property by your children. Who gets what?.Who is in and is out and why?.
  10. Functional disability such as mental incompetence. Conservatorship and guardianship. Conservatorship and Guardianship are another method by which individual has power to make sure that decision is given to a named representative by the court.This is a situation where the court thinks that the individual needs a Protective Services.
  11. Funeral plans.Do you have life insurance?.Or do you’ve final funeral expenses?.
  12. Organ Donation. Do you plan to donate your organs or your whole body after your are dead?.You might want to get an inexpensive lawyer to help you manage all of these .
  13. Retirement. Is your retirement plan good enough for you to survive until eternity.
  14. Late Marriage. Are you divorced or a widow?.Do you plan to remarry.
  15. I will encourage seniors to start early on to plan these things ahead of time.LEGAL AID for seniors is available under Welfare Services and County in every Communities. There are retired lawyers and paralegals who can help with small fees.The Bible said that ,”knock and the door will be opened to you and ask you shall receive”.

Published by edochie99

A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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