It was in November 2020 ,we had microbiology class at noon we were all in the laboratory waiting for our professor to show up. She did not come in,then the noise started everyone was talking and nobody was listening. Suddenly the vice president came into the laboratory/classroom and told us to shut up or get suspended. We all became quiet as quiet as church mouses.You could hear a pin drop.

She announced your professor is stocked at the airport,you can take few minutes break and go to your other classes. If you don’t have other class you are free to go home.We will see you on Monday. We were very happy, extremely excited. I went home ate dinner took a glass of wine 🍷and went to bed.I was extremely exhausted and did not wake up till the next morning.I felt strange but was not sure.I studied for two hours and did my homework. That evening I went to see my mother we went shopping for her. And life goes on. I expected my Roses by the end of November did not show up,then December passed, January passed and in February I realized that my Roses are not coming out to play.I called my friends and complained .She is a compassionate friend, and willing to hear my frustration.But one of my smart ass friend said to me stop looking because your roses 🌹will not return until after nine months. I replied we will see about that to myself.I hope that she is very wrong but did not say anything to her.Rather I became more worried.

Meanwhile my mother told me that Chidima is back in Nigeria and will be living with her husband Mike in Lagos.But she will spend one month in the village with Mike’s parents before going back to Lagos Nigeria. So we decided to visit them and spend some quality time with them.She gave me and my mother some gifts that she brought from the United States of America. We were so excited, Mike parents especially his father like Chidima a lot.It is a great feelings when your in-laws like you.

On Sunday evening, I drove back home ,relax and made some dinner. I had no appetite and was very nauseous. I need to see the doctor I said to myself.I must stop been in denial.It is there ,that is the truth and soon you will feel something kicking.I prayed to God for my roses to return it did not return. Rather my 🌹roses now visit two days every month.What is the meaning of all of that?.I will ask the doctor when I visit. “”Therefore I tell you whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you received and it will be yours”””. Mark 11 : 24.I prayed several times a day for my 🌹roses to return fully but my faith was not strong enough I should say.The gynecologist confirmed my biggest fear nine weeks pregnant. Urine analysis, blood test and papsmear.It came out positive.

But I vowed that I must not drop out of school. I understand fully well that abortion is not an option for my husband. We have two children already we don’t need three children. I don’t mind having abortion. It is an option for me but who is willing to listen to my rights as a woman about my own body.

Moreover I am fully focused on my classes and will not have time for the abortion process. I rather hide my stomach from my professors so that they don’t see my stomach. By my seventh month I started to wear this huge jacket and people will ask me” it is cold outside in a strange way.I have no response but the truth is that it is hot outside very hot.

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A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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