533 Case Scenario.Right Foot Incision and Drainage.


Account number : Q006115328.

MR #Q006115328.

Date of admission 09/21/2020 @03am.

Location MedTelemetry.

Room 42114.

Attending doctor Tommy Holbib.

Patient name: Watera Woods.

Resuscitation Status Full code.

Primary diagnosis Right foot wound.S/P Incision & Drainage.

Secondary diagnosis: Hypertension, DM, Chronic Renal disease.

Allergy: NKDA.

Weight 185lbs.

Height: 5feet 6inches.

Isolation Status: Contact Isolation ( MRSA of wound)

Controlled cardiac diet.

Doctor orders: Heparin 5000units subQ daily. Multivitamin 1tablet po 09am scheduled.

Colace 100mg po Bid.

Asorbic acid 500mg po Bid 09am, 2100 scheduled.

Zinc sulfate 220mg po 09am scheduled. Vitamin A 10000IU 09am scheduled.

Metroprolol 100mg po 09an Daily .

Norvasc 10mg po 09am.

Zocor 1tablet po 09am scheduled.

Vancomycin 1gm IV Q24hours.

Zosyn 3.375gm IV Q8hours.

0.9NS Flush 10ml Q8hours.

0.9NS @ 50ml/hour 20guage clean/ Patent / Intact.

Norco 1tablet po Q4hours prn pain.

Enalapril Maleate 5mg po Bid scheduled.

Morphine sulfate 2mg IV Q6hour prn severe pain.

Insulin Human Lispro 6units SubQ 0630am,and 1130am.

Accucheck Qac + Qhs.

Insulin Human Regular.

50 to 150 = 0unit.

151 to 200 =1unit.

201 to 250 = 2units.

251 to 300 =3units.

301 to 350 =4units.> 400 call the doctor.

Vital signs Q4hours.

Wet to dry dressing Bid.

Case manager consult. Infection disease consult. Discharge plans:

Discharge to Skilled Nursing Facility when medically stable.

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