What Is Bipolar Disorder?.What are the signs and symptoms. Can Bipolar Disorder be Treated?.

It is important to note that Bipolar Disorder was formally known as “manic-depression.

Bipolar disorder is a major psychological disorder that is characterized by episodes maniac or Bipolar depression. It’s a brain disorder that causes extreme shifts in mood, energy and functioning. One phase or the other may be predominant at any given time.

During the mania phase it is characterized by excessive emotional displays, euphoria, boisterousness,inability to concentrate, excitement, decreased sleep, unbounded energy, often associated with delusional grandeur, difficulty with concentration,either elated, happy mood,or an irritable, angry, unpleasant moods. The depression phase is marked with apathy, decreased in activity and feelings of severe sadness,loneliness, Less talk and slow speech, low self esteem , guilt and worthlessness,pessimistic outlook, thoughts of suicide, change in sleep patterns.

What Causes The Disorder?.

The causes of the disorder are more than expected and they include :

Biological.In terms of biological perspective hereditary rate obtained from twin and family shows that there are genetic predisposition for bipolar disorder.


Cultural factors, and Sociological factors.

Bipolr Disorder is a result of chemical imbalance of the brain.While studies have shown that Bipolar runs in the families but sometimes other serious problems such as chronic illnesses, loss or financial problems can trigger an episode to occur.

Nursing Responsibilities:

Observations of patients especially during the recovery period from depression due to increased tendency to commit suicide.

Pay attention to their needs, provide treatment as prescribed by the Psychiatric provider.

What Are The Best Treatment Options Available:

Medications and the use of Electroconvulsive therapy for patients with serious possible risk of suicide, then immediately followed with long term psychotherapy treatment .

Medications are:


Valproic acid.


Antipsychotic medications.


Antianxiety and tranquilizers etc.

What Are The Side Effects of Bipolar Disorder Medications?.

Hand tremors that is hand shaking.

Excessive memory problems.That is cannot remember much and are slow in response.




Blurred Vision.



Skin Rash.Some people develop skin rash.

Platelets problems.

Liver problems .



Excessive Sexual Desires.

Hypertension( Blood pressure can be very high after intake of certain diet).

Weight loss or gain.


Bladder problems and Excessive urination.

Note that side effects can be treated. I know that some patients are afraid of taking Psychiatric medications because of side effects. Please talk to your doctor to change or adjust your medications.

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