Questions And Answers On The Heart. The heart is a pump in the body that helps to carry oxygen and nutrients to every part of our body.If the heart stops doing its job we are in serious problem because of its important function,and it also removes waste from our body.

The ability of the heart to generate its own Impulse is known as what?.


B. Automaticity.

C. Contratility.


correct answer B.

2.The stroke volume of the heart has decreased,the cardiac output can stabilize if only A.the heart rate increases.

B.The blood volume goes fast.

C.heart rate decrease.

D.Blood pressure decreases and later increases.

Correct answer A.

3. After a myocardial infarction which of the following cardiac enzymes will go up?.

A.ALT and LFT .



D. CK.

Correct answer B.

4. The force of myocardial contraction can be increased by:

A. increasing preload.

B. Decreasing preload.

C.Volume depletion.

D. Decreasing venous return.

Correct answer A.

5.What is a local state in which the cells are temporarily deprived blood supply due to the impairment of the myocardial.





Correct answer A.

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