Age/Sex :61years old Male.

Account number : Q005634372.

MR # : Q00058867544.

Admission date : 07/14/2021@08am.

Status :Inpatient admission.

Attending doctor :Tommy Holbib.

Patient name : Davido Plantaine.

Resuscitation Status: Full Code.

Weight :156lb.

Height: 5feet 4inches.

Alert and oriented x4 .

Primary diagnosis :MVC bilateral ankle Fracture.

Secondary diagnosis:Hypertension, polysubstance abuse Fentanyl, alcohol.

Isolation Status :Standard Precautions.

Is patient at risk for fall: Yes.

Suicidal risk: No.

Do patient have advance Directive: No.

Copy of advance Directive on the chart.

Diet : Cardiac heart health diet.

02 @ 4liter NC.

Hx of Pneumothorax.

Transportation method: Wheelchair.

Right hip dislocation,acetabular fracture.

S/p ORIF left Calcaneous fracture by Doctor Money Goode.

Skin intergrity impaired.

Myperlex dressing in place.

ORIF right ankle to be done by doctor Money,Goode on 07/16/2021 @10am.

Consent to be signed on the chart.Isolation Status Standard Precautions.

Alert and oriented ×3.

Diet: Regular diet,NPO after midnight.

Uses urinal .

0.9NS @ 75ml/hour right forearm 20guage clean/Patent/Intact.

Lovenox 40mg SubQ Q24hours after surgery. On 07/24/2021 External Fixators removal and right Pilon Tibia ORIF.Dressing in place and intact.

Laboratory results :

WBC 8.5.

H/H 12.0,37.2.

K 3.9.

Na 145.

Magnesium 1.8.

Laboratory tests:

CBC with differential and Chem 7 in am.


Zosyn 3.375gm IV Q8hours.

Norvasc 10mg po 09am scheduled.

Colace 100mg po Bid.

Morphine sulfate 2mg IV Q3hours prn severe. Zofran 4mg IV Q4hours prn nausea/vomiting.

Tylenol 650mg po Q4hours prn temperature. Ativan 1mg IV Q8hours scheduled.

Ativan 2mg po Q4hours prn agitation. Benadryl 25mg po Q4hours prn itching.

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