It is difficult to accept others as acceptance is like a taboo for some people because they want to be superior, omnipresent, supreme, the greatest so they look for every flimsy excuse to be judgemental.

This is common in every society around the world,and sometimes with deadly consequences. Prejudices are very strong and judging others as “bad “or “good” is just automatic ” crucify him,crucify him” they shouted.For what?.There was sudden silence and someone came up with a fabricated lies and deception to crucify ,and they all agreed and jumped to it.They crucified out of lies, deception and fabrication. Oh he fired the first shot,meanwhile the victim has no weapon but guess what?.He is dead and has no defense.

It is very important to understand that acceptance does not mean Approval or Disapproval of a person,their behavior as human beings, expression, habits or their personal lifestyle or values.

It simply means that you have a non- judgemental conscience. Non-judgmental acceptance means that as healthcare professionals you should acknowledge all patients rights to be different and the differences between each group should be accepted.

And that every patient/person has the right to express their differences. Well being and therapeutic of self begins with the ability to accept others, and non-judgmental attitude is very important for health care professionals.

For your own interpersonal growth and self awareness it is very important to make a lifetime commitment of accepting others.

What is the relationship between Registered Nurses towards older patients?.

What is the relationship between Registered Nurses and patients with lower socioeconomic backgrounds?.

How are these patients treated?.What is the relationship between Registered Nurses towards their homeless population patients?.

From my personal observation as a Registered Nurse for twenty six years, it depend on the nurse ,so many nurses will do their job very well irrespective of age or soeconomic status of the patient. But most often minority are not treated well due to stereotype.Black and hispanic patients when they have surgery will suffer in pain more than white or any other race because of fear of addiction. But the truth is that after surgery pain should be well managed and controlled and not based on skin color so that patients can recover fast.

ORIF of the left ankle is the same irrespective of skin color.Lack of Acceptance is a chronic disease in every part of the world.Appendectomy is Appendectomy, same cut and incision but difference in pain medications?.Why?. Oh they will get addicted. Really?.Actually they will become addicted when they are not properly medicated after surgery because they will ask their friends to bring something to relieve their pain without disturbing the nurses,so that everyone the doctors and nurses are happy but have unfortunately created an addict due to refusal to properly medicate patient for pain.

Patients don’t want anything from the health professionals but to be accepted as a human beings with Rights to privacy and proper evidence based treatment. #acceptance,#dissimilarity, #nonjudgemental,#different, #wellbeing, #health,#hospitals #healthcare #medication,#surgey,#addiction.

Published by edochie99

A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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