Occupational health Nurse is a speciality and can be defined as a Nurse that delivers health and safety programs and services to employees, working population and the communities. Occupational health Nurses play important role in companies. They are sometimes asked to serve as consultant on health issues within the company. They participate in health related policies in governin2g family leaves ,smoking policies. Sometimes it depends on the size of the company,the nurse may be the only health care professional, that makes his or her role autonomous.

Do you have the ability to function at the optimum level of well being in worksite in terms of productivity, dealing with workers with disability compensation claims, and work attendance?.Do you see yourself as someone who will enjoy working with large companies with adults workers?.Do you like patient education, people education,that is teaching people how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle?.If you do,this will be good for you because these are the characteristics of Occupational health Nurse.

So many companies in USA, Canada, Japan, China, Africa, Australia all around the world hire Occupational health Nurses to deliver basic health care advice and services to their employees, health screenings,health education, lifestyle problems, stress,drug abuse, Alcoholism,emergency treatment to companies staff.

Most managers and directors know that if there is good employee health care it decreases absenstism, that is staff calling off sick,improving companies productivity, insurance cost,and man-made errors.

What are the Requirements for nurses to do this Job?.

The usual requirement are your Registered Nurse license and CPR card.But some companies would prefer bachelor degree in Nursing. As an Occupational Nurse you must possess the required skills,knowledge and good communication skills that will enable you to effectively and efficiently carry out your assignment diligently. You will routinely perform physical assessment, general assessment which will include hearing and vision screening for all the employees. Good interpersonal skills is needed in all worldwide( so it is a skill to have as an Occupational Nurse) Training in medical emergency will help a lot as Occupational Nurse to work in manufacturing companies with risk for severe injuries or burns.The Occupational Nurses must be able to assess the environmental problems and potential safety issues for the staff.They should work to eliminate or reduce environmental risk. They need to understand the required government regulations agencies such as OSHA(the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to make sure that the company is in compliance with all the necessary requirements.

Questions on Health History Assessment.

1.The Physiologic spitting of S2 will be best heard at where?.

A. Tricuspid area.

B.Upper left chest area close to the nipple C.Pulmonic area.

D.Mitral area.

Correct answer C.

2. You palpate the anterior precordium of Mr Smith a 42years old male admitted for surgical intervention. You observe a purring sensation on the anterior chest on palpation.You would document it as what?.


B heave.



Correct Answer is A.

3.As an Occupational Nurse you examine a 25years old man who is getting ready for surgery. In what order will you go?.

A.Inspection,auscultation,percussion, palpation.

B.Inspection, palpation.,auscultation,percussion.

C.Palpation,Percussion, inspection, auscultation.

D.Inspection,auscultation, percussion, palpitation.

Correct Answer D.

4.What percussion notes would you expect to hear around the abdomen area?.

A.Tympany and dullness.

B.Dullness and resonance.

C.Hyperresonance and sharpness.

D.Tympany and resonance.

Correct Answer A.

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