The followings are the characteristics of nursing care delivery system in surgical floor.

  1. The Assignment must be fair ,just and equal for all the Nursing Staff.
  2. High Standard of Care with evidence based practice .
  3. Patient satisfaction is paramount to hospital survival.
  4. The support of the ancillary staff and other health care professionals is very important hence the interdisciplinary approach.
  5. Job satisfaction is very critical for example conducive work environment, family leaves, 401k, social security benefits are part and parcels of job satisfaction.
  6. Support from all nursing staff working as a team.
  7. Things to avoid are as follows: Poor communication and assembly lines style in Nursing care.
  8. Avoid Burnouts.
  9. Delegate properly and avoid Role confusion.
  10. Reduce health care costs, and avoid method of care that will incur more cost.
  11. Avoid all types of resignations ,quitting or silent quitting by making sure that nursing staff are satisfied.
  12. Protect and maintain high morale standards.
  13. Encourage and support continuity of care.
    • In taking care of the patients ,priorities are very critical and must be set .Working in a big organization such as the hospitals can be extremely frustrating and exhausting if the assignments are constantly unfair,unconducive work environment, lack of flexibility and poor compensation package.

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