It depends on your experiences as a healthcare professional and also if you are paying attention as a nurse.So, many nurses are badly treated,that is they are treated unfairly both union and nonunion institutions.For example I remembered a Nurse that was let go simply because some new nurses complained that she does not speak good English. This nurse is from Korea and have worked in this hospital for 28years.She started as a nursing assistant in the same hospital graduated and worked in same hospital, and suddenly she is not good enough.She was very good, very serious laser focused. I sheded tears as she left the building.I asked myself where is LOYALTY?.The union could not protect her interest.

Another example assistant nurse manager was asked to manage three units with more than 70beds. She had charge nurses on each floor. She runs around all the time like a chicken with the head cut off.I asked why?.And I was told that she is desperate to be the next manager. She was sick several times during her rein.The manager then maltreated her like she is not smart.She behaved like one just to achieve her goals.

However her dreams of becoming the next nurse manager was fulfilled. The organization protects who they want to protect but over react over simple error of the nurses that they want to disown especially if the nurse is in minority,union or nonunion ,he or she must go.

Some facility will even excourt you out of the facility with security guards on both left, right and back like a murder.Where is LOYALTY?. During COVID19 PANDEMIC nurses were badly treated and adequate PPE was not provided both in union and nonunion institutions. So many nurses died due to lack of PPE.And when nurses complained and wanted to do the right thing, they were handed the pink slip and to get excourted out of the building.

Another example is if two nurses of the same years of experiences, the ICU nurse makes much more money than medical surgical floor nurse even though the work load is more in Medical Surgical floor. A Medical Surgical nurses are looked down upon as if they are brainless.The psychological abuse you face is overwhelming and you dare not complain. Administrative staff are paid more than nursing staff.

If hospitals policies and rules are violated or if employee performance is below standard, it is very common for the organization to view the employee as problematic.As a result of this violations develop and the employee trust for the hospital or establishment reduced.

The best solutions will be for the Hospitals or Organizations to fall back on the Provision of Equal Employment Opportunity law.The most important thing for nurses especially New nurses to know and understand that there are many Fundamental Constitutional Rights that are not protected once we go to work such as freedom of assembly, free speech etc.

However there are rights that you can enjoy such as freedom from discrimination, freedom from sexual harassment and Privacy.These are protected by Plethora laws and Supreme Court rulings.It is very important for nurses to know their rights so that management and nurse managers will not violate their rights. As time goes on and with COVID19 PANDEMIC the violation of nurses worsen.And these had led so many nurses finding other types of nursing jobs such as traveling Nursing, Case Manager, Virtual utilization review nurse and other different positions. As a Nurse know your rights and the rights that you can give up when you’re at work. #nursesrights #people #provision,#violations,nurses,#supremecourt,#policy, COVID19PANDEMIC, #hospitals ,#management,#manager,#Constitutions,#Privacy.#discrimination,#freedom,#sexualdiscrimination

Published by edochie99

A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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