You should call for pain medication at the beginning of your pain.The nurse will assess level of pain regularly,upon admission, during admission assessment, before surgery, after surgery, every hour,every two hours, every 4hours, prn and documented.Pain is objective and subjective.Objective is what the nurse saw and subjective is how you feel and what you(Patient) says about your pain level.

It does not matter what anyone says you’re the one in pain.The nurse will medicate for pain based on doctor orders. If the medication is not working for you it can be changed. The nurse will notify the doctor. Please do not call the nurse frequently for pain just because you hate her and wants to frustrate her.If you’re calling the nurse frequently she will also be calling the doctor frequently forcing the doctor to come and evaluate you again and again. The consequences will lead to changing your medication to what you do not expect and possibly discharge home.So be reasonable and make appropriate demands for your pain medications.But do not ignore your pain just to make someone happy. If a patient self report pain it should be documented medicated and documented. Nurse should educate patients on the standard pain scale when pain is identified and to call for pain medications.Education should be documented. What is the pain educational goals.You want to use pain goal of >3 for intervention for your patient if he or she identifies pain.Reassess for pain 30minutes after giving intravenous or intramuscular pain medication such as dilaudid, morphine sulfate or Toradol. And reassess 60minutes after giving po medications such as percocet, norco, vicodin.Assess and reassess patient pain at regular intervals Q4hours, Q8hours and pain for Medsurg patients, patients with chronic illnesses.Educate patients upon discharge on how to take pain medication,pain medication scale and the adverse side effects of drugs.

Medications sometimes can be prescribed for other reasons that may not be listed in medication guidelines. Take Medications based on what your doctor intended it for.

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