1.The doctor ordered Phenergan 12.5mg IVP . The most important action to be taken by the nurse before administering this medication intravenously would be


  • ATo see how it will flush.
  • B..To check the line.
  • C.To eyeball the saline lock.
  • D.To check patency of the vein.

Correct answer D.

Rationale: To check patency of the vein (Saline lock). It is absolutely important to determine absolute patency of the vein. Extravasation will cause necrosis.

NB.WBC include.Basophil Eosinophil.Lymphocytes(T cells, and B cells and natural) Killer cells.Monocytes.Neutrophils.

2.A 34years old female is diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor focused in her left frontal lobe. She undergoes a craniotomy for removal of the tumor. In caring for the patient postoperatively, the nurse would expect neurological changes such as


A.Personality Changes from the frontal lobe surgery.

B.Change in mood.

C.Becomes depressed.

D.Lack of interest.

Correct answer: A.

Rationale: Craniotomy is a surgical opening into the skull. Complications are atelectasis, pneumonia, Cardiac dysthymia, increased intracranial pressure, fluid and electrolyte imbalance.

3.A 63years old man is diagnosed with cancer of the larynx and comes to the hospital for a total laryngectomy. When the nurse is assessing this patient laryngeal nerve functions. It is very important for the nurse the check ?Patient for Ability to Swallow.


4.A patient with terminal cancers tells the nurse, I feel so tired. I don’t know what is happening to me.Am I dying?.


A.What did the doctor tell you?.

B.What do you think is happening to you?

C.What are you feeling.

D.Do you want me to call your doctor?

Correct Answer: B.

5.A 62 years old woman is admitted to the hospital with end stage cancer of the Pancreas. As her condition worsen her family visit less frequently. To reduce the loneliness experienced by the patient. Which action should be taken by the nurse?.


A.Turn on the television.

B. Offer her snacks.

C.Call her family to come and visit her.

D.Establish a schedule for members of the nursing staff to spend time with the patient.

Correct answer D.

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