SUPPLIES: I will go into the lecture room prepared with all the needed supplies such as 🖊pens, pencil,note pads ,Yellow marker ,red pen and a recording tape.I like to take notes because it keeps me focus on the present ,when I am focused it prevents me from drifting to other issues.

FAST TALKING LECTURER:In taking notes if my lecturer is too fast and will not slow down.I will jot down important points and fill it up by comparing notes with other students,and listen to my tape. If the lecturer talks normally and not too fast.I will do outline. That is if I am lucky to get a lecturer that understands that students love to take notes. I will go with paragraphs, and listen to my tape recorder if allowed to be used in class.Then also compare notes with other students or my study group.

School sometimes can be stressful but remember that you get what you paid for. I mean if you are Committed and put in time,you will get a good result.

COMMITMENT: There is no magic way about it.So go for your lecture love what you are doing and you will be happy that you did.I tried to be a good note taker because getting the most from lectures is important and that means you must be a good note taker.When I was a student the lecturers will ask us to read big textbooks. But it is important to be a good note taker since most of their examinations come from the lectures. I remembered that my first semester I read all the recommended textbooks but was disappointed because none of the questions set came from the textbooks but rather from the lectures given in the classroom.

NOTE TAKING: It is very important to attend every lectures and to take notes.The importance of note taking cannot be overemphasized because it will allow you to have Summary of what the professor says. Some lecturers if you listen attentively will give hints of what will be on examination questions on that day .So if you did not drift to think about something else, you have nailed the examination from those hints mentioned in the classroom.

STUPID QUESTIONS: Note that there is no Stupid questions. So many people have the same questions but are not honest enough to ask these questions. So if you ask enough stupid questions because you are honest and get all your answers, that is you get those questions answered you’re no longer stupid you become smart.

So during lecture raise you’re hand and ask that question that is eating you up.If you don’t ask you will not know. Also try to have a “study focused group” who are determined and want to graduate ontime.Not every student want to graduate on time.Why five years if you can graduate in four years?.

PREPAREDNESS: Preparation for the lectures before coming for lectures. Being prepared allows you to follow what the professor is saying and allow you to ask questions if you’re not sure.I recall one of my biology laboratory class we had to dissect a cat.I score very high mark of 98% because I had studied the cat dissection and labeled it very well before the class.

TOPICS: Before the class check for the topic in that lecture and study had .I overheard some students said well she is a doctor in her country because the Cat dissection was so perfect. So I said to you student to understand what is being taught, organize yourself and do analysis of the information gathered and jot down important points.

JOTTING: Do you jot notes?.If you don’t try it and it will help you with your learning. Do not cram,it is not good for you. I recall when I was in High School I crammed( jam packed)a topic as soon as I was disrupted I forgot everything. So I vowed never to cram again.Rather do collerate what you know to what you do not know. I remember in my Chemistry laboratory tests, I collerated what I know so that I can remember them.

PERIODIC TABLES: For example the Periodic tables I collerated what I knew to the new things that I’ve learned. Colleration will help you to remember better.Do your to attend lectures. EARLY: When I was in school I will get there 15 to 30minutes early to give myself time to review the previous lectures and prepare myself for today’s lecture.


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A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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