1.Patient is 22years old and she is having a lot of pain on the right lower quad, rebound tenderness increase in white blood cells, mild fever. The patient ask the nurse why is the pain on her right lower abdomen?


A.The nurse should know that the appendix is on the right lower abdomen.

B.The nurse should know that the appendix is on the left upper abdomen.

C.The nurse should know that the kidney is on the right lower abdomen.

D.The pain is rebound tenderness.

Correct answer: A.

Rationale: Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix. This is a projection from the apex to the cecum. Appendicitis pain is localized pain that starts around the navel but as the pain intensify, it will travel from your belly button to the right lower abdomen, where the organ is located. This is the most common surgical emergency of the abdomen that affects 8 to 12% of the population. It may develop at any age. But it is more common between the age of 20 years to 30 years.

2.After appendectomy the patient mother brought Fried chicken, macaroni salad and seven up ,and told the nurse that  she need spoon so that her daughter can eat. The nurse should explain to patient family that:


A.After patient has undergone abdominal surgery it takes few hours for the small bowel to regain its function.

So feeding is usually started slowly with ice chips first.

B.Okay great here is the spoon.

C.Where did you get that food from? I will get some for myself.

D.All of the above.

Correct answer is A.

Rationale: After abdominal surgery, the small bowel regains function after few hours .The stomach regain function after a day or two. Whereas it will take the colon three to five days to return to normal. Drink warm water and plenty of fluid to help your bowel. And avoid gas producing foods. Gas producing foods are nuts, cabbage, sauerkraut(fermented raw cabbage by various lactic acid bacteria)

2.Patient mother as the nurse why did the doctor do surgery instead of giving pain medication and antibiotics?. The nurse should


A.Explain  to the family that appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix. And  appendectomy surgery is the most common surgery .

B.The doctor want more money.

C.Sometime the doctor will prefer to do surgery.

D.Yes he should have tried medications instead of jumping into surgery.

Correct answer A.

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