1. As a Registered nurse how do you label a wound with a broken skin?.A. infected wound.B.Unintentional wound closure.C. A closed wound. D. An open wound. The correct answer is D.Open means that you can see through it so in an open wound the skin is broken unlike in a closed.A closed wound soft tissue may be damaged but is closed.A open wound may be intentional or unintentional.
  2. The first thing to do for a patient with a wound in emergency situation is to?.A. Call family member and report themB.Dial 911 for emergency. C.Assess patient for airway Patency. D.Stop the bleeding by applying abdominal dressing. Correct answer is C.Checking of airway, breathing and circulation is the top priority.
  3. The surgical Abdominal dressing is to be changed Q8hours.During your shift you open the wound to change the dressing and you observed a thin and light red drainage. How will document your findings?.
  4. A.Serosanguineous drainage. B.Purulent drainage. C.Serous drainage. D.Sanguineous drainage. The correct answer is A.Serosanguineous drainage is common in surgical wound. It is the mixture of blood and serum it is usually thin

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