Wound vac is a therapy assist wound closure devise that help pulling open wound together in the healing process.If a wound is infected the wound should ideally be free from infection before using the vacuum assisted closure devise.The doctor usually orders wound-vac after surgical intervention.The physical therapist or the registered nurse apply the dressing and connect it to the machine to help the wound to heal.To have effective therapy make sure that the dressing is well placed and the machine well connected.

LOW PRESSURE ALARM:When you see a low pressure alarm it means that negative pressure of the wound is below setting or that the selected therapy has not been reached.Make sure that tube is not kinked and the canister tube are open.Check everything thoroughly.Has a quarter sized hole been cut on the draper?. Check to see if the wound-vac machine is

below the wound level.

BLOCKAGE ALARM: When a blockage is detected do not parnick.Check patient position to make sure that there is no external compression device that is causing the blockage.If there is, remove it and reposition your patient.Check for crimped ,blockage or kinked in anywhere if seen troubleshoot and fix the problem.Wound pad should be preferably on a flat area not a skinfold area to prevent constant peeping.Ensure that the canister tube is not clamped.I recalled an occassion when the patient clamped the machine to use the restroom.He came back connected the machine but it keep showing that it was blocked .We looked could not find the cause of the problem.We never knew that the patient knew how to clamp the tubing.It took almost 13 minutes to uncover the problem.On further inquiry we discovered that the patient have been clamping and disconnecting his tubing to go downstairs to smoke cigarrette .MD notified.The 2.5quarter hole was cut ,woundvacuum below the wound no kinked.Everything is looking good.

LEAK ALARM: This means there is a leak in the wound or somewhere and it must be fixed.Intensity level should be adjusted to a higher level to help with quicker seal and faster draw down of drainage.Check the port padding area for a leak.Reseal the wound around the periwound area.Reseal with tape where you observed the leak.

LOW BATTERY : This is a no,no for the wound vacuum ,keep it plugged in so that it can serve its purpose.The cord should be connected to the therapy and to the wall.It is not difficult to use,you just have to pay attention.

A FULL CANISTER: Do not allow the canister to be fully full.It should be 3/4 full before you can change it.Then you should select resect to return to home screen.There are graduated marks on the canister,so compare the level to see if it is 3/4 full.Always remember to return to home screen and follow the instructions.When in doubt ask questions.

If Therapy has been off for over two hours need a complete start over.

Wound vacuum machine is very expensive if not in use return to the proper department.

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