A 50years old man came to the Emergency complaint of heartbroken by his third wife leaving him for another man.He said that he is impotent and find it difficult to have erection.So his wife said that she can’t continue to do this.

Nursing Assessment : The nurse assess patient for history of diabetes, spinal cord injuries, cardiovascular disease, antidepressants, antihypertensive medications. Obtain information about when the disorder started, how long has the problem be going on.Assess his inability to control ejaculation or premature ejaculation.Assess for history of anxiety, new relationship,guilt.Assess for retarded ejaculation.Does patient have history of Parkinson disease, neurological disorder or use of certain medications?. Patient stated that he has history of hypertension, traumatic car accident that lead to his premature ejaculation and eventually complete erectile failure.He denies diabetes or any neurological disorder.

SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION: This is a problem that prevents married couples or lovers from enjoying sexual satisfaction and reach their climax.Sexual dysfunction can occur due to anxiety, physical problems, fear of intimacy, or interpersonal problems. Patients with severe sexual dysfunction undergo serious intensive professional therapy from Sex Therapist.


Women also have sexual dysfunction such as inhibited sexual desire,Vaginitis, dyspareunia,Organism dysfunction. Assess the female patient for history of rape, history of contraceptive, assess for use of alcoholism, trauma ,fear of pregnancy, position of the genital. Sexual activities, how often,level of arousal.The nurse perform physical assessment of internal and external genitalia.How is the partner?.Is he romantic or asking the wife if she is ready?. That could kill her sexual desire. How effective is the use of Vaseline?.


1.The testes primarily will secret hormone known as:

A. Semen.




Correct answer is A.

2.What is man orgasm consist of ?.

A.The involuntary spasmodic contraction of the genitals.

B.Palpitation of the heart during ejaculation. C.Releasing of sperm.

D.Retarded ejaculation.

Correct answer is A.

3.The man has penis but the female has what?.

A.Vagina .

B.labia majora. .


Correct is A.The female has vagina.

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