There are some medications that can lead to sexual dysfunction such as :

1.Antihypertensive medications.(clonidine)It may decrease sexual desire in both men and women.It has no adverse effect on women but can decrease erectile failure to about 25% in men and ejaculation dysfunction.

2.Antipsychotics may cause decrease in sexual desire ,ejaculation dysfunction and erection.

3.Dilantin is anticonvulsant that reduce sexual desire and decrease sexual response due to the sedative effects of the anticonvulsant. Other medications include Methyldopa,Reserpine.

4.Antidepressants such as tricyclic compounds, monoamine oxidase inhibitors and lithium carbonate are all factors that contribute to impotence and ejaculation dysfunction in about 30% of men.It will decrease serum testosterone in men. Trazodone can cause prolonged painful erction known Priapism.

5.Antihistamine can lead to decrease in vaginal lubrication and can be sedative. 6.Antispasmodic medications such as Barbiturates can make the smooth muscle to relax and can lead to impotence in men.The long term effect of the use of the medication can cause orgasmic dysfunction and decrease in sexual desire.

7.Narcotics.It causes dependence on narcotics and the severe impairment of sexual function and the ejaculation dysfunction and erectile failure in men.There is a great decrease in sexual dysfunction of both men and women. Semen amount and testosterone level will drop down leading to sexual dysfunction.

8.Cocaine will lead to excitement ,increase the quality of sexual desire and experience but as the use of the drug continues and becomes chronic this can lead to sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

9.Ethyl Alcohol: Moderation is the key to everything. Ethyl alcohol will decrease inhibition and will improve sexual function but continuous use can lead to sexual dysfunction. When female are alcoholic it lead to decrease in orgasmic dysfunction and decrease in sexual desire.

10.Marijuana: What about Marijuana?.What effect would it have on sexual dysfunction?.Marijuana lead to release inhibitions and that may cause feelings of increased sexual function. However Marijuana users will develop male impotence and decrease sexual desire.

What other medications causes sexual dysfunction?.Please comment on medications that causes sexual dysfunction?.

Published by edochie99

A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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