1.When the nurse is suctioning a tracheostomy patient through the tracheostomy tube.The nurse must be careful not occlude the Y- port during the insertion of suction catheter to prevent what?.

A.Trauma to the tracheal mucosa.

B.Too much suction of patient.

C.Prevent suction from happening. D.Suction out blood.

Correct answer is A because occluding the Y-port during suction and can traumatize the tracheal mucosa if applied as catheter is inserted.

B,C,and D is wrong. It is important for the nurse to gently insert the catheter with the suction off by leaving the vent on the Y connector open.

Slip the catheter slowly along the floor of the unobstructed nostril towards the catheter to suction the nasopharynx.Or the nurse should insert the catheter along the side of the mouth towards the trachea to suction the oropharynx.The use of suctioning while inserting catheter can lead to trauma of the mucosa and removes oxygen from respiratory tract.

NB: * You must never apply suction as the catheter is introduced*.

2.The nurse will perform oropharyngeal suction on patient properly by doing what?.

A. The nurse will flush the catheter with saline in between catheter insertion. B.Suction frequently as ordered.

C.It is important to use sterile technique not clean technique.

D.Limit suctioning to 25 to 30seconds intervals as ordered.

Correct answer is A.Flush the catheter with saline and repeat suctioning as needed and according to patient ability to tolerate procedure. So flushing the catheter with saline between catheter insertion is the correct answer.

3.The nurse taught patient with COPD pulse lip breathing by?.

A.Stimulation of better breathing patterns. B.Teach patient about inspiration and expiration.

C.That helps him by decreasing the amount of air trapping and resistance.

D.Reminding patient that chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is bad.

Correct answer is C.Pulse -lip breathing allows prolong expiration, increasing the airway pressure and losen the amount of airway trapping and resistance in COPD patient.

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