The doctor orders AV fistula for Mr Solaman ,he received the AV fistula to the left upper extremity in preparation for hemodialysis. Which of the following ways will be the best approach to assess the AV fistula?. A.observation of the fistula.

B.The doctor should observe it and notify the hemodialysis nurse.

C.Listen for bruit over fistula site.AV fistula connections of artery to vein side to side ,end to end.

D.AV fistula is us for hemodialysis.

Correct answer is C.AV fistula has connections of artery to vein side to side or end to end.It requires 2 to 6weeks to mature.Nursing responsibilities are as follows: Assess for Patency, listen for bruit and feel for thrill.Complications to watch out for include Carpal tunnel syndrome, hemorrhage, embosis,anerysm.


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