1.A 25years man describes his fears about taking the elevator to the 18th floor of his office building to his nurse. He felt anxious, shortness of breath with his heart ♥ racing like it will fall out of his chest.What does this information reveal to the Registered nurse performing patient physical assessment?.

A. Patient is afraid to take the stairs. B.Patient has low form of anxiety disorder.

C.Patient has phobic disorder.

D.None of the above is correct.

Correct answer is C. Rationale: Patient is in a phobic state which is characterize by the extreme anxiety due to unfounded fear of a situation or a particular activity.

2. A patient is admitted three days ago for the treatment of alcohol dependence. He is now exhibiting the following symptoms Headaches, uncoordinated movement, slurred speech, ataxia. To fully understand what is going on with the patient. What will be the nurse priority upon taking care of this patient?.

A.Encourage patient to take a nap and clear his head.

B.Give Tylenol 650mg po Q4hours prn to relieve his headache.

C.Tell the patient to calm down.

D.Perform a complete physical assessment on the patient. Correct answer is D.Physical assessment of patient will show all the objective signs and symptoms of patient condition.

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