Pharmaceutical company that is selling the drug and copy right has official name of the drug known as?.

A.Trade name.

B.Chemical and biological name.

C.Official name for drug.

D.Genetic name.

Correct answer is A. The official name is the name that identifies the drug in the official publication. The nurse should acknowledge drug generic name and trade name .

2. The doctor orders Digoxin 0.125mg po QOD.The nurse will correctly give this medications as?.

A. In the morning and night.


C.Monitor BP three times before giving.

D. Every other day by mouth.

Correct answer is D,every other day.Follow doctor orders before administration, check vital signs. What is patient heart rate?.

3.Your nurse manager prepared the medication for your patient Mrs Nancy Jose.The supervisor called her over the phone.She turned to you and asked you to give the medication to the patient.What will be your response?.

A.Give the medication and document your action.

B.Let the nurse manager know that she prepared the medication and should administer the medication.

C. Ask another nurse to give the medication.

D.Give the medication to your patient and let your manager chart that she gave the medication.

Correct answer is B.

You are responsible for what you gave.Never give medications that was not prepared by you.

4.The doctor orders Metoprolol 25mg po.(by mouth)But 50mg of metroprolol tablets are available. How many tablets of metroprolol will the nurse adminster?.Dose at hand ÷ quantity at hand= desired dose÷ quantity desired. =50/25(÷) =0.5mg or half tablet.( You will give 1/2 tablet)

5.What is the reason why giving medication intravenously is the most dangerous?.

A. The medication can cause chest pain.

B.Because the administered drug goes directly into the bloodstream.

C.all veins are not good.

D.To avoid DVT.

correct answer is B.

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