Mr James comes to the hospital for the surgery treatment of cataract of his right eye.While the nurse is performing preoperative teaching with the patient. The nurse clarifies that surgical treatment of a cataract involves what?.

A. Removal of both left and right eye.

B. Placement of glass πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ eye to the right eye.

C. Placement of artificial eye to right eye.

D.Removal of the opaque crystalline lens most often replace with artificial lens. Correct answer is D.

(Medical Nursing Cataract is an abnormal progressive condition of the lens of the eye, that is characterized by the loss of transparency. Cause by degenerative changes that occurs after 50years,heredity.It is a gray-white opacity that can be seen within the lens and behind the pupil.It is a condition of which the lens of the eye becomes cloudy.Symptoms are blurred vision or double vision, impaired vision at night, sensitivity to light.

Surgery is usually performed on outpatient basis.What is the nursing responsibilities preoperatively?.

A. Assess patient level of knowledge, check his visual acuity, preoperative sedation, eye drops to dilate the pupil and cycloplegic to paralyze the ciliary muscles.

B.Encouge patient to sleep.

C.Apply artificial tears frequently.

D.Do nothing patient will be fine.

Correct answer is A.

2. What is the nurse responsibility postoperative?.

A. Mr James is to sleep in supine position. B.Blame the charge nurse for the unfair assignment.

C.Give pain and nausea medication.

D.Observe his eye dressing.Assess his ability to do ADLs.Make sure that he wears his eye shield at night.Correct answer is D.


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