A 35years old female with diagnosis of AIDS,Meningitis .( Resolving)Complain of headaches, nauseated and vomited ×2 Zofran 4mg IVP Q4hours prn nausea given x1,+ bm. Contact Isolation. Aids is acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Signs and symptoms are oral thrush,malaise,weight loss,fever,lethargy. 0.9NS at 125ml/hour.

Medications: Bactrim 800mg 1tablet po 09am scheduled. Colace (stool softner)200mg po Bid scheduled 09am 2100.Azithromycin(antibiotic)1200mg po once a week scheduled. Nystatin 500,000units 4ml QID shake well before dispensing.Tylenol 650mg po Q4hours prn temperature. Do not exceed 4000mg in 24hours.Zofran 4mg po prn Q4hours nausea and vomiting. Zofran 4mg IVP Q4hours prn nausea and vomiting.Atazanavir sulfate(antiviral) 300mg po Daily scheduled 09am.Emtricitabine/Tenofovir(antiviral)1tablet po daily scheduled 09am.Ritonavir (antiviral) refrigerate 100mg po daily scheduled 09am.Citalopram hydrobromide (depression)20mg po daily scheduled 09am.


Guideline for the minimum standard protection of infection control and prevention protocol were developed initially by?.



(C)Evergreen hospital.

(D) Government hospitals.

The correct answer is A.


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