1. Question:What will you do less?.

Answer: I will talk less.

Jenifer came to the hospital with her 4years old son Joseph due to Seizure disorder. The doctor diagnosis Grandmal Seizure.The doctor orders Phenobarbital and Dilantin.Patient has celebral palsy which is due to abnormal brain development. It is often present at birth or shortly after birth, and it affects muscle movement. About one third of children with celebral palsy have normal intelligence and two third of these children has mental retardation. Early identification of disorder facilities how to handle the child. Exercise and training program is very important. Treatment is individualized which include use of braces,surgical correction of deformities,speech therapy. The use of various indicated drugs, muscle relaxants and anticonvulsant.

2.What teaching should the nurse include ?.

A. Laboratory work every month to monitor Phenobarbital and Dilantin level,monitor heart rate and blood pressure.

B.Exercise and training program. Treatment is usually individualized which include use of braces,speech therapy and correction of some of Joseph deformities.

C.The importance of good oral hygiene. D.None of the above is correct.

Correct answer is A,B,C.

3.Finally Jenifer is taking his son Joseph home after spending four days in hospital. During the discharge teaching the nurse educate Jennifer and his son Joseph that?.

A.It is important for Joseph to have normal healthy play activities with his limited learning disabilities.

B.Joseph should be limited in his activities since he has so many limitations.

C.Monitor his Seizure activities by limitations of his play time.

D.Joseph Seizure disorder is severe.


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