Pain can originate from physical,mental or emotional causes.(Somatic or Visceral, Cutaneous, psychogenic)Transmission of pain stimulus is usually a complex process that involves the release of potential chemicals that will sensitize the nerve endings. It transmit the pain message and set the stage for the healing process to begin.

1.Ms Therasa Kingdom complains of abdominal pain.The nurse knows that abdominal pain that is tough to localize is most likely categorized as what?.

A. Causality and nauseated.

B.Psychogenic with mentacusis.


D. Visceral.

Correct answer is D.

The Visceral pain can originate in body organs in the abdomen and can poorly be localized. When physical pain cannot be identified it is regarded as psychogenic.

2. Ms Mena 65years old female has a right knee injury that is ongoing. She complains of pain to her right ankle and right great toe.The nurse knows that pain that is transmitted to a Cutaneous site that is different from the original site is known as?.

A.Superior superficial pain.

B. Transient pain.

C. Phantom pain.

D.Referred pain.

Correct answer is D.When a pain is perceived in an area different from the origin of the pain ,it is known as Referred pain.


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