Mr Smith was driving 65miles per hour when he had a head on collision and was rushed to the hospital. He was diagnosed with Ruptured Spleen due to the automobile accident. (The spleen is a soft,highly vascular fisted size organ well situated in the left upper side of the abdomen, behind the stomach and on the left side of the rib.( diaphragm)It contains the lymphatic nodules and is considered as part of the lymphatic system)

1.The doctor orders surgery for the treatment of the ruptured Spleen. What category do this type of surgery belongs?.

A.Scheduled surgery.

B.Minor procedure.

C.Nonsurgical intervention .

D.Major emergency surgery.

Correct answer is D.

Spleen is a major body organ.It has various task which are defensive,it produces leukocytes,monocytes and lymphocytes,stores blood, hemopoiesis,and destruction of red blood cells. If there is severe hemorrhage the Spleen will increase blood volume from 350ml to 500ml in 1minute.(less than 60 seconds)So it calls for emergency major surgery that requires hospitalization with possible complications. It must be done immediately to save the patient from dying.

2.Mr Smith is on some medications at home before his surgical procedure.What category of medications will lead to increase surgical risk if patient is on that medication?.

A.Antibiotics such Zyvox,Zosyn, flagyl etc.

B.Narcotics such Norco, vicodin,Pecocet,Morphine sulfate, dilaudid.

C.Anticoagulant such as Heparin, lovenox,aspirin, Plavix etc.

D. Laxatives such colace,milk of magnesium etc.

Correct answer is C.Anticoagulant medications will increase risk of hemorrhage during surgery. So normally these medications are placed on hold until after surgery unless it is contraindicated.


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