1.Cultures and Smear. What is Culture?.According to Mosby’s Nursing DICTIONARY.”Culture is a laboratory test that involve the cultivation of microorganisms or cells in a special growth medium “

Why are they taken?.They are taken for evaluation to identify abnormal cells or to identify infection.

You prepare the client or patient for the procedure.

Consent is signed.

Do patient need Anesthetic?.

No anesthetic is needed.

For example Chlamydia Smear will need media preparation by the laboratory. 2.Biopsy. Sample of tissue is taken to identify abnormal cells. ( unusual cells)

Prepare the patient.

Consent signed.

Do patient need anesthetic?.

No anesthetic is needed.

Sample is sent out for analysis.

Patient may have cramps.

Nurse care.

A.Provide written instructions for patient. B.There will be restriction on intercourse, douching or swimming for three days. Follow doctor orders.

3.Culdoscopy: This is the visualization of the ovaries, fallopian tube,uterus through lighted tube inserted into the vagina through the cul de sac.( Read more on this)

Patient preparation.

Consent is signed.

Local anesthetic given.

Nursing Care:

Knee- chest position during procedure. Position: Place patient on abdomen after procedure.

4.Colposcopy: Visualization of cervix and vaginal tissue for Color,Shape, Vasculature and Lesions.It is a method that the doctor will use to closely check your

vagina,cervix and vulva with use of Culposcope for signs of disease.

Patient preparation.

Consent is signed usually after explanation and before the procedure.

C02 introduced to enhance the visualization of.

Do patient need anesthetic?. General anesthetic is given.Foley catheter inserted for bladder decompression.

Nursing care.

Encourage out of bed after procedure.


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