A 35years old female with uterine cancer is admitted in Medical Oncology floor. History of high cholesterol, diabetes and hypertention. (Uterine cancer is a cancer that begins in the uterus)

Nursing Assessment Findings. Waterdischarge,irregular menstrual bleeding, menorrhagia.Patient diagnosed through endometrial biopsy ( it can also be diagnosed through currettage or other diagnostic tests)


1.Internal radiation implants.

2.Patient may have cramping sensation.

Nursing Discharge Instructions:Explain restrictions on sexual intercourse, douching, and no swimming for three days.

Nursing Discharge Instructions. QUESTIONS.

1.Which opinion is the least likely to make a severely healed cancer patient have positive self Esteem?.

A.The nurse should address patient by name each time he or she enters the patient’s name.

B.Making the patient feels tired performing each procedure quietly. C.Explaining procedure to patient each time she performs procedure. And being careful in moving the patient each time.

D. The nurse should respect patient privacy and patient confidentiality all the time.Information about patient should be use only to take care of patient and not to be discussed at elevator or in Cafeteria.

Correct answer is B because that is the wrong thing to do.A,C,and D are the right thing to do.

2.Nurse is it normal for me to be having water Discharge from my private part.

A.Oh really when did it started. B.Water Discharge and irregular menstrual bleeding are signs of uterine cancer.I will notify the doctor of your concern.

C.I do not know.

D.Why do you complain a lot.

Correct answer is B.


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