1.Your patient is placed on patient control analgesia pump postoperatively this will allow the patient to do what?.

A. Adminster his or her own pain medication.

B.Control their pain medication C.Make choices on the type of medication that they want.

D.Take unlimited amount of narcotic medication.

Correct answer is A. Patient-controlled analgesia pump does allow the patient to administer his or her analgesia by following guidelines and pushing the controlled button at the beginning of his or her pain.

2.What will be effective teaching methods preoperatively for patient going for surgery?.

A.Give patient a written handouts after explanation.

B.Discussion method.

C.Video and audio discussion methods. D.Lecture method.

Correct answer is A. All the answers are needed in patient teaching.But A is the most important because patient need a written handouts to refer to. 3.After surgery the doctor orders for patient ambulation to the hallway tid.Why is it important for the doctor to order the use of leg exercises?.

A. To expand the lungs.

B.To increase venous return.

C.To promote and maintain ADL.

D.To allow out of bed to chair.

Correct answer is B.

4. After surgery gas pain is very common among surgical patients. What will be the best nursing action to help surgical patients relieve gas pain?. A.Encourage frequent ambulation for the patient.

B.Encourage coughing and deep breathing.

C.NPO except ice chips.

D.Decompress the stomach.

Correct answer is A. Frequent ambulation will help to relieve gas.In some patients it can be a combination of ambulation and gas medications such as Simethicone .

5. Jenifer is scheduled for surgery today. She suddenly turns to her nurse and said, I am afraid that I might not wake up after surgery. What would be your best response for this patient?. A.Oh my goodness you’re scarring me. B.Do you say that you will not wake-up?.

C.Even my grandfather who is 90years woke up after surgery.

D.Let us talk about how you are feeling. Offer support, provide tender loving care.


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  1. As a short story writer, I can appreciate the complexity and nuance of the human experience, and this post on nursing questions and answers serves as a powerful reminder of the emotional weight that healthcare professionals carry on a daily basis. The thoughtfulness and empathy evident in the correct responses to these questions is truly moving and serves as an inspiration to strive for excellence in all forms of caregiving.

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