1. A 14years old female is brought in by her parents to emergency room. She weighs 93lbs and 5feet 7inches tall.Her parents stated that she lost 23lbs in six months and refused to eat.What would the nurse expect to hear from this patient?.

A. I plan to eat more frequently.

B.I am a big girl and my parents are disturbing me.

C.Do not worry I will gain weight.

D.I am still too fat.Look how big my legs are.

The correct answer is D. Rationale :The patient refused food because she thinks that she is still too fat.A,B,and C are incorrect. Someone that is refusing food is not planning to eat frequently. She thinks that she is a big girl but she is not.She will not gain weight since she refused to eat.

2.A 65years old 🧓 man is admitted into Psychiatric unit for depression. After one week of being admitted, he was seen sitting alone in the dinning room all by himself. The patient ate only 25% of his meals. What would be the appropriate nursing measures for this patient?.

A.Force him to finish his meal.

B.He is depressed so do nothing. C.Order small frequent meals, encourage patient and sit with him in the patient dining room while he eat his food.

D.Call the kitchen and place orders for big meals.

Correct answer is C.A,B,and D are wrong.


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