1. Patient is receiving tetracycline, what should the nurse include in a teaching plan for the patient?. A. Sunbathe every day at 11am. B.Use sunscreen only if you’re pregnant. C.Do not take tetracycline without food or milk. D. Use a maximum protection sunscreen when outdoors. Correct answer is D. Rationale: The intake of tetracycline will cause the skin to become more sensitive to sunlight than usual.So maximum protection with sunscreen is very important. Any brief exposure to sunlight is not good because it will lead to redness of the skin, rash or itching.
  2. Can tetracycline be taken on empty stomach?. Which of the following is the most appropriate?.A. It should be taken with full stomach and milkšŸ„›. B.Take it with milk and crackers. C.Take with some snacks. D.Tetracycline should not be given on empty stomach and never taken with milk or antacids because it will inhibit medication action. Correct answer is D.

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