A 72years old female is admitted to the hospital three days ago,will be discharge to go home today with her daughter. The nurse teaches patient’s daughter how to take of care for her mother at home. Which of the following statement if made by the patient’s daughter indicate that she understands how to care for her mother at home?.

A.She is my mother and I know how to take care of her.

B. Patient’s does not need all of that protection.

C.It is important to establish a routine for daily activities.

D.All of the above are correct.

Correct answer is C. A,B and D are wrong.

Rationale: For Azlhemier patient consistent environment and routine will help with patient’s memory.

Alzhemier disease (senile dementia)is a chronic progressive degenerative disease resulting in cerebral atrophy.

Signs and Symptoms are:

Changes in memory.



Change in personality most common after age 65years.

Nursing Responsibilities:

Reorient as needed.

Speak slowly with patient.

Clocks and Calendars in the room.

Bed in low position with side rails up.


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