In early 2020 my neighbor and her husband decided to move away from a beautiful ,quiet peaceful home in Inland Empire to Wisconsin. I felt like crying, I was miserable to say the least because they were very nice family.Though the colors are different in great neighborhood we stand.We stand in all our might,peace,love ,caring and compassion we spread.I called my husband to let him know. He couldn’t comprehend it at all.I went back to them to find out why?.

Here is what they said (husband and wife)

1.COST OF LIVING: It is very expensive for us to live in California. (Rent in Los Angeles is about $2000 for a one room to $5,000 per month for three bedrooms)I said you have been living here for a long time and I am sure that you can manage. Our kids are all over California so we will be visiting them.I started to find out that more people are leaving California due to cost of living to Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Houston, Florida, Nevada, Arizona.

2. HEALTH REASONS: My wife is having a hip replacement and she will be forced to stay home after her hip surgery.We have already sold our house for over $600,000.00(Six hundred thousand dollars)and we are buying a small house with a big compound in Wisconsin for under $200,000.00.The actual cost of our house in Wisconsin is $163,000.00 to be exact.We will invest over $400,000 and that we go a long way for both of us they said.

3.WEATHER: What about the beautiful California weather I asked?.She replied, it is the cost of living in California is the problem. It is very very cold in Wisconsin, the temperature is in minus but the cost of electricity is still cheaper than living in California.

4.SOCIAL SECURITY AND DISABILITY: She said that she did not contribute to Social security since her company was not deducting Social security,she will be getting only $300.00 from Social security from a place that she worked briefly in the past.But her husband is older(65years),and contributed to Social security so he is getting $1200.00 /per month. But argues that that is not enough since their mortgage is close to $3000.00/per month. 5.DISABILITY: She will be entitled to disability benefits for three months due to Hip replacement surgery. I found out that if you are already on retirement you can’t get disability. This is my findings when I called to inquire about this.

6.POST OFFICE: In 2021 I decided to take a closer look to pay attention to what is going on around me.I looked for my two wonderful post masters that,I have known for over ten years. I was told that one of them relocated to Arizona and the other person moved to Nevada. I asked why and was given same reason- cost of living in California. I could not understand why people of middle class to upper middle class have to leave California for the cheaper states.And I have learned from them that you have to be slightly inconvenient to be permanently comfortable. I have studied and find out that many people have left California for other reasons.


There are reliable rumors everywhere for a long time now that Social security funds will be running out in their near future and people are panicking and making financial adjustments ahead of time so that they will not run out of money.

8.BANKS:Some bankers that I know have also relocated to other states due to high cost of living in California.

9.INFLATION :Recent high cost of living in California is also playing part in the exodus movement from California. 10.INCREASE IN DEATH RATE.

There are too much violence in California gunshots, racially motivated shooting- blacks,Asians,gangster violence, attacks on LGBT.


There are recent studies suggesting that people are migrating to other states from California.




Published by edochie99

A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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