If you have plan to jeopardize the life of the innocent patients/clients/ residents trusted in your hands because you want to practice nursing without adequate nursing training .Have you have taught that you might accidentally kill an incident person(s)?.Have your hospital covered something that they can’t explain and blame the deceased?.Who knows?.

2.Nursing profession is not for you because you do not understand the nursing responsibilities. Do you understand the Standard of Nursing?.What is the importance of Nursing Process?.How do they relate to each other?.

Registered nurses if you see Something say Something.Do not be quiet. As a Charge Nurse if you are suspicious of any nurse sent to your floor ask questions, call supervisor.

3.Proficiency of a profession is in the hands of the licensed professionals. Don’t allow others to drag nursing profession to the mud.Board of Registered Nursing should request for the name of nursing school where they graduated from to see if the school has accreditation.Unfortunately some of these people with fake nursing certificates were able to pass the NCLEX.

4.Shortage of nurses.Even if there are shortage of nurses we must not sell the profession to people who don’t know the value of this profession.

5.Malpractice : I am sure that so many patients must have lost their lives due to malpractice, incompetent nurses giving medications that they don’t understand. Who knows?.

6.Nurses Abusive Behaviors and Bullying : While the fake nurses will be there to tolerate nurses abusive behavior competent nurses might not be ready to swallow the unprofessionalism of some nurses. That is why some nurses quit and move to travel nursing.Abusive nurses are part of the problems in nursing profession because they abuse indiscriminately.

7.Shame on you fake nurses. If you’re a fake nurse and you’re caught shame on you?.Is it worth it?.If you’re not caught you better disappear because one day you will be caught and you will cough up more than what you benefitted.There will be lawsuits coming from every where. So go back to something else if you are lucky and not caught yet.

7.Fish them out: Schools,Hospitals, Skilled Nursing facilities,law Enforcement officials, whistle blowers should continue to work tirelessly to smoke out these fake nurses.Nobody deserves to be a victim of these criminals who want to do harm to the sick. If you want to practice nursing go to nursing school and complete the theory and clinical studies graduate and take your licensing examination.

8.Thank You: To all the people working against these guys we thank you. Let justice be served.

Nursing is a noble profession that must remain at a high standard and should not be relegated to the background by desperate people with fake certificates/associate degree or bachelor degree.


Published by edochie99

A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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