After having a lot to drink Mr George Okonkwo decided to go home that night. Everyone knew that he was drunk they discouraged him from leaving but he insisted.He refused to listen to anyone.He jumped onto his motorcycle and drove off.He did not drive too long before he started falling asleep quickly. Three hours passed nobody heard from him.One day passed no news three days later information came across that George did not realize that it is RED LIGHT 🚦 he crossed the red light. Is he okay?.What happened when he crossed the red light?.Was there a head on collision?.Reliable sources informed us that he was involved in motorcycle accident. Did he survived the accident?.It was traumatic accident and he was rushed to the nearby teaching hospital where he was pronounced dead by the emergency room medical doctor. His body was taken to the mortuary after communicating with his father who is living in a mansion at Abuja with his second wife ( Actress Majosia Okonkwo) who just delivered a bouncing baby boy on the day of the accident.

I am drinking again don’t judge me.

Girlfriend pregnant without my consent.

I slept at the beer parlor because,

I blackout without my consent.

Alcohol you again.

Blood Alcohol Content > than 0.08%.

Which one of you is guilty?.


Why are my hands shaking?.

I am sweating,no I cannot be sweating.

Alcobol I am craving for you.

Are you guilty or not guilty?.

Margarita mix?.

Tequila are you the one?.

Margarita and Tequila drive through.

Are you guilty?.

Who want to hear my story?.

I am calling for help.

Do I need detoxification?.

😂 Laughing without my consent.

Talking without my consent.

Alcohol I said you again?.

I have jaundice.

My skin is yellow.

My sclera is yellow.

Wine you are not guilty.

I take you twice a month.

Vodka are you guilty?.

Visited AA meetings.

I got DUI twice without my consent.

Nauseated and Vomited twice.

Brought into the Emergency room. Diagnosis Cirrhosis of the liver ,

related to alcoholism.

Nurses call me drunk.

I am craving,slurred speech, delirium, shaky,sweating but not a drunk.

They call me names, dirty, smelly, tax payers money.

A nurse said, do you know that we are paying for your hospitalization.

I asked how and she asked do you have health insurance?.

I said no.That is how she yelled.

Should I blame Vodka?.

Someone is guilty but not me.

Should I blame my girlfriend.

She got pregnant without my consent.

Tequila why are you so wicked to me?.

Beer I think that it should be you,

because I drink you every night.

I made a song for you.

Oh my beer.

I love you please don’t disgrace me .

My mother must not know about us.

My grandmother and uncle should not know about us .

This is a sealed deal between us.

Police officer should not know about this.

I must pass their test- breathalyzer test.

Where is my chewing gum to cover my breath. BAC level chart/maleBAC.jpg


Alcohol abuse affects the way your body uses nutrients and its requirement for nutrients. The normal nutrients absorption is affected due to the toxic effects of alcohol on intestinal mucosa. Due to poor absorption the body will require more nutrients. For example the body need for vitamin B will increase because it is use to metabolize the alcohol. It can also weakened the storage of nutrients. Alcohol abuse will increase catabolism and increase excretion of nutrients. It is important to note that huge amount of alcohol consumption for a long time will lead to liver damage. The treatment of alcoholism consists of several factors such as psychotherapy especially group therapy which is organized by Alcoholics Anonymous.( I attended the AA meetings in early 1990s just to see if I can learn a thing or two to help my brothers to stop drinking)Electricshock treatment or medications.It is important to apply extreme caution when administering medication to alcoholic because of their depressed central nervous system.

Alcoholic Anonymous has twelve steps to help you stop drinking. What are the twelve steps programs that help help you stop drinking. Africa there is no twelve steps that will encourage you to stop drinking. Rather they take you to prophets or prophetess, pastors,priest and to stop drinking but they never really stop drinking until they die from liver Cirrhosis, car accident, motorcycle accident, or the individual make a spiritual connection with himself and decided to stop drinking and got drunk.

Doctors usually take care of patients with alcoholism vitamin B and other vitamins are recommended for patients to take.

What are the factors that contribute to alcoholism?.The cause of alcoholism remains unknown but the suspect are psychosocial factors, cultural factors and families of Alcoholics tend to have higher incidents of alcoholism.

A.To be socially acceptable and that is wanting to belong to your social circle. B.Temporary pain reliever. To reduce stress and cope with problems that you are finding difficult to deal with.

C.For empowerment.

D.Simply for enjoyment and ceremonies. Customary reasons. Alcoholism

is chronic illness that may happen at any age with a slow insidious onset. Frequent intoxication of alcohol has a cumulative and destructive effects on physical health,individuals, families, working life and social life.The most damaging effects of Alcoholism are central nervous system depression and liver Cirrhosis. It is worse with lack of nutrients and poor foods intake.





Alcoholic patients suffer from:

Auditory hallucinations.


Cardiac issues.

Peripheral neurpathies.


I will decide when to quit.It will come from my inner spirit. I will chose a date to stop drinking. I will only drink occasionally during events. I must not drink at home. I will avoid all friends and families who drink. I will reward myself each day that I did not drink.I will be strong for myself with positive attitude. I will start with baby steps that is taking it one day at a time.I will drink water or juice instead of alcohol. All alcohol bottles in my house removed. I will not allow temptation to mess me up. wine.


1.Please what ideas can you share to make this book 📙 a success?.

2.What are the benefits of drinking alcohol?.

3.What are the disadvantages of drinking alcohol?.

4.What are the nutritional values of alcoholism?.

5.How do you rehabilitate an alcoholic?.

6.What are you contributions to prevent accidental falls,injuries or death due to alcoholism?.

7.What is your personal experience about drinking too much.

8.There is a saying that some people will drink alcohol and remains focused while others will drink few glass of alcohol and lose their mind .What can you tell us?.

As you can see from the above diagram that Drug/Alcohol overdose, acute alcoholism, drug addiction are among Reportable Events for medical examiner-Coroner Events. California Health and Safety Code Section 102850.California Government Code Section 27491.


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