1.Location of the pain. man holding his stomach due to pain.

2.The intensity of the pain.

3.What is the quality of the pain?.Does the pain radiates to anywhere else?.

4.How long( duration) does it last?.

5.Chronology:When did the pain start?.(time line)That is how did the pain started or begin?.

6.What triggers the pain?.That is what aggravates the pain?.What makes the pain to start or increase in intensity?.

7.What helps to alleviate the pain?.What makes the pain to go away. What methods have you been using to help relief your pain in the past?.

8.What are the physiological indicators that a person is in pain.( Example high blood pressure, increase in Respiration)

9.What behavioral responses do you expect to see ?.(For example crying, lying down quietly, walking or rubbing and supporting a particular areas of the body)

10.Do not assume that a patient is not in pain because he or she is quiet, assess frequently for pain.Pain is subjective.Remember the four Ps.(Pain,Peripheral, Potty and Positioning)


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