Are electrolytes ions in the body capable of carrying an electrical charge?.

A.Electrolytes help with proper maintenance of body function and acid based balance ,it requires complex interactions between these elements. And in the body these elements (potassium, sodium, calcium, chlorine and phosphorus)form ions- electrically charged particles.

B.They are negatively charged.

C.Sodium and potassium cannot form ions.

D. All of the above are wrong.

Correct answer is A. Rationale can be seen in A.

2.All of the following can cause hyponatremia Except?.

A.Ingestion of large amount of sodium bicarbonate as antacids.

B.Nauseated and vomiting excessively. C.Frequency of urination due to the use of diuretics such as Lasix.

D.Drinking excessive amount of fluid. E.Low sodium of less than 135mEq/L.

Correct answer is A.

Rationale ingestion of sodium bicarbonate will not lead to hyponatremia.


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          1. It’s a good attitude to have ☺️ I suppose we all have our own little ways of digesting knowledge! It’s great, though, that you’re posting questions and answers. I wish I had this when I was revising! ☺️


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