To treat hyponatremia the doctor orders 0.45% solution intravenous infusion. Forty-five minutes after the infusion has started the patient became confused and combactive.What will be the immediate nursing action?.

A.Tell the patient to relax that it is normal. B.Call the doctor for Benadryl 50mg intravenously.

C.Stop the infusion immediately,and call the doctor.

D.Document patient reaction.

Correct answer is C.

Rationale: It is important to stop the infusion immediately and notify the doctor.

2.The doctor orders 0.9NS IV 1000ml infusing at 100ml/hour at 09am. The infusion will finish at what time for a new bag to be hang immediately?.





Correct answer is A.

Rationale: ÷ 1000ml by 100ml = 10hours.Ten hours( 10)and added to 09am will give you 7pm.

Solve it in your own way. The way it pleases you.

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