(1) Mr George is brought in to the hospital due to confusion and restlessness. Sodium level is 127mEq/L.He has been treated for hyponatremia. But his doctor placed him on temporary intake of high sodium diet.Which of the listed diet below will help to increase his sodium level?.

A.Wheat bread.

B. Pineapple juice.

C. Boiled eggs .


Correct answer is D.

Rationale: Bacon has the highest amount of sodium to compare with other light foods. When amount of salty food is eaten, the person becomes more thirsty and the person will drink more water.The high amount of water will Dilute the sodium in interstitial space and intravascular space. And this may lead to edema (swelling)

NB: Please note that intake of high sodium will lead to hypertension, stroke and heart disease. So be careful with high sodium intake.

2.Sodium plays an important role in the normal physiological process of the human body.So to maintain normal fluid balance, aldosterone and anti-diuretic hormones are secreted in order to:

A.Reduce sodium.

B.Increase body fluid.

C.Retain sodium.

D.Keep body fluid and eliminate sodium in the body.

Correct answer is C.

Rationale: When the blood volume is low aldosterone is released from the adrenal glands so that sodium is retained by the kidneys. At the same time anti-diuretic hormones (ADH)will be released from the pituitary gland signals the kidneys to conserve water and sodium until the restoration of blood volume. When the body sensor detect that blood volume has increased, the kidneys will then excrete excess sodium and water that is in the body. Sodium is secreted through urination and sweating.

What are examples of negative charged ions?.

A.Phosphorus,chlorine. B.Potassium,phosphorus, magnesium.

C.Chlorine ,sodium and potassium. D.Copper,and chlorine.

E.potassium and sodium chloride.

Correct answer is A.

4.Negative charged ions are?.




D. anions and cation.

Correct answer is A.

5.What are positively charged particles?. A.Chloride,potassium. B.Nacl,magnesium and phosphorus. C.Calcium ,sodium, potassium. D.phosphorus,calcium, chlorine.

Correct answer is C.

Positively charged particles are referred to as?.


B.Onions .


D. Cations.

Correct answer is D. These elements will be combined to form neutral compounds. For example Na+ will combine with Cl- to be NaCl which is sodium chloride.



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