In my own opinion I want to say that the contributing factors are :

1.Unemployment ( that is lost of income) is one of the major contributing factors that can lead to homelessness in California( San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose)This is especially when the victim has nothing to fall back on, no support and no savings.

2.High Cost.Rent payment or mortgage. Lack of employment or source of income can lead to inability to pay rent.Also cost of renting of one bedroom can be as little as one thousand five hundred($1500.00) to three thousand five hundred dollars($3,500.00) a month.

3.Lack of budgeting.Budgeting is very important to prevent excessive use of resources. Cut your coat according to your size.

4.Drugs and Alcoholism can affect your sense of reasoning ,mental status planning and inability to set short and long term goals. Don’t allow yourself to be addicted because addiction is a chronic disease that only you can salvage yourself from by being honest with your part to self destruction.

5.Focus.Focusing on what you want and where you’re going is very important. Life is a project see it that way.

6.Savings: It is important to save to prevent the rainy days. If you don’t save when the going is good you will not have anything to fall back on when the going becomes bad.

7.Hollywood: Some young people moved to Los Angeles to pursue greener pasture in Hollywood but they ended up unable to secure acting careers in Hollywood. These young people have no families here in California so they become homeless.

8.Mental health: This is major problem that is affecting the ability of the victims to retain employment or comply with instructions.

9.Divorce: Lack of communication and disrespect among couples. This can affect reasoning due to unnecessary arguments and refusal to accommodate each other.She is a stay home mom and suddenly a divorce?.That can lead to homelessness.

10.Lack of affordable Housing:Inadequate housing for people in need of low cost housing. People with low income cannot afford rent payments. They need supplemental Housing that they can pay.Unfortunately these kind of houses are unavailable.

11.Immigration: The inflock of people to California.The new immigrants will face the challenges of changing their status so that they can get required documents before they can be able to work.

12.Health problems such as uncontrolled complications of diabetes can affect your judgment and your overall health. You need to check to make sure that you monitor your blood sugar levels frequently as ordered.There is disparity in health care. There are very limited hospitals and clinics in poor neighborhood. And these people cannot afford health insurance.

12.Racial discrimination: Most often people are denied housing just because of the color of their skin.This can be painful and devastating leading to homelessness.

13.Domestic violence: In a situation where there is abuse the abused end up leaving the relationship and ended up being homeless.

14.Education: It is good to be educated and have skills. Education will enable you to secure employment and take care of yourself. Get yourself the right skills in life to move forward. With good job you can save and also invest.



Published by edochie99

A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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