After 25years I am still smiling ☺

25years ago I met this incredible woman who happened to be my manager.

With time I met other managers and directors but only few of them left indelible memories in my mind.

Anyway back to me and this manager.

When she comes in to work whenever there is a conflict among nurses, after the nurses involved have told her what happened.

She will call me to verify the conflict.

Little did I know that she was training me to be a strong nurse.

I told her exactly 💯 % of what happened.

I do not want to be called.

She did not believe them but trusted me.

She will look for me to ask me what happened.

I will tell her exactly what happened.

But wondering why must she asked me.

Little did I know that she was developing trusting relationship.

By the way I was afraid of her because of her height and size.

Moreover in my history class in my elementary school.

We were told that Hilter was a German.

Everyone knew Hitler to be a wicked general.

My manager was a German and she was wonderful.

So I am very good with my job but stayed in my lane.

She invited me to her office and told me to smile that I looked like a police officer.

I tried to smile but the smile was not coming.

She spent time with me to practice smiling.

As time goes on I realized that my manager trusted me .

She made me one of her charge nurses.

Any unit that is not doing well, she will send me to clean up that unit.

I surely cleaned up the department, get rid of all the expired insulin syringes ,tuberculin syringes,expired fluid solutions,(Normal Saline, LR,D5NS, D51/45ns etc)expired laboratory vials, showed and educated the doctors on how to write standard H and P.( History and Physical)

She told me that so many people spoke highly of me but complain that I don’t smile.

I took it very seriously and make it my top priority to smile ☺☺ ☺ ☺

With time I started smiling.

As I smile my friendship, confidence and trust grew.

I come to realize the power of smiling ☺. Don’t fake your smile.

Don’t smile like you have no sense let it flow.

Don’t smile like your brain is not connected with your face let it flow.

Smile when the occasion calls for a smile.

Smiling is good for you and people around you.

Don’t smile when your patient just died.

Have you smile ☺ today?.

Did you learn how to smile or it came naturally?.

Are you from law enforcement background?.

Who motivated you to smile?.

To my manager in Los Angeles over 25years ago thank you.

I wish I know where you’re.

I say thank you.

For believing in me when I don’t have the confidence thank you.

You gave me the confidence.

I said thank you.

May your days be long thank you.

I remember the ENT and OMF thank you. The Urology, Cystoscopy, Stent placecement,Foley catheter placement,bladder scan,Circumcision thank you.

The Opthamology – Various eye surgery, eye drops great experiences thank you.

M.C. thank you .

Forever indebted to you.


Published by edochie99

A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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