Loyalty means to have a strong feelings of support.It is to be committed,patriotic,dedicated,devoted and having strong bond. It is a very important component of business. Loyal employees will keep the business going under sunshine or rainfall.Loyal customers will take the business to the future.What did we learn from Naomi and Ruth story.Ruth and Naomi had […]


A patient is developing wernicke-korsaff syndrome ,what will be the signs that the patient will exhibit? (A) Memory loss and disorientation. (B)Wernicke -korsaff syndrome is due to Vitamin B deficiency and usually is exhibited in patients with poor diet intake and long standing alcoholism. (C ) Confabulation,disorientation and memory loss are some of the signs. […]

NURSING QUESTIONS(comfort and mobility)

(1) A 69 years old  female  is living with her handicapped daughter.She develop pain and swelling on her left leg,she was brought in by ambulance to the emergency room.      The emergency room doctor diagnosed her with thrombophebitis which is inflammation of blood vessels.She is placed on bedrest 5-7 days, and admitted to Medical /Surgical […]


(1) A 40 years old man is admitted to the hospital. Admission orders include heparin 2000unit/hr in 5% Dextrose water.Since patient is on heparin therapy.Which of the medications listed below did the Nurse need to have available? (a)Protamine Sulfate. (b) Warfarin. (C) Nitroglycerin. (d) Narcan. (2)66 years old woman is brought into the Emergency room […]


You are adamant. Adamantine. Hard-nosed. Hardened. Yes hardened. Hardheaded. Immovable. Cannot be moved. Inflexible. Not flexible. It is my way. Or no way. Implacable. Self-willed. Mulish. In Hebrew you meant “turned away”.Deuteronomy 9:13,Esv. You are the opposite of humility. So who are you?. You are a determination not to change behaviour. You are against open […]

NURSING QUESTIONS (Health Promotion )

(1) The RN assessed her patient and found out that she has clammy skin,cool,and diaphoretic,low blood pressure of 101/58,pulse 115.The first immediate reaction of the nurse is: (a) Check blood sugar and give dextrose and later give complex carbohydrates.If <60. (b)Complain about your Charge Nurse and check blood sugar. (C) Wait for the resource nurse […]


God so love the world,that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believe him will live and not perish.This is telling us to do the right thing. Doing the right is easier than doing the wrong thing. When you are doing the right thing your response will be smooth and direct. But when you […]