God so love the world,that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believe him will live and not perish.This is telling us to do the right thing. Doing the right is easier than doing the wrong thing. When you are doing the right thing your response will be smooth and direct. But when you […]


Why do we undergo surgeries or procedures? So many people undergo surgery or procedure without asking questions. Surgery is the use of instrument to create incisions so that injuries or disorders in the body is treated.It is usually done under general anesthesia. Some people ask questions before the procedure or surgery. But some people don’t […]

PERSISTENT/SCD/LOVENOX by Philomena N Okeke.(My little poem)

I like to stick to what I believe in. I persisted on my speech. I must persist To persist you must know He said NO. But I persisted . Where is NO? I t does not fit. I have no time to waste. Push ,push on. In Nursing School you persist. No is not an […]

NURSES BURNOUT by Philomena N Okeke,Author.

Burnout can be defined as depletion of your physical and emotional energy for over a long period of time due to unrelieved pressure from your job. So many nurses have been burned out in the past.Some of them changed jobs,relocated, got married,develop health issues, but so many are still hanging in,doing it differently with smile […]


To measure your wounds you need measuring Tapes,Gloves, Cotton Swab,digital camera,and clock. Have all your supplies ready because you do not want to be going back and forth for supplies. Provide privacy. Wash your hands and wear your glove. Get the measuring tools ready.(Write patient initial ,date,time and your name and title). Patient initial and […]


We Do have the other types of wounds that are not related to pressure ulcer, bedsores or debicutes ulcer.You do not Need to be bedridden or wheelchair bound to have this wound. Anyone can have this wound anytime in their life. The most important thing is taking proper care of it. *Remember that wound is […]

PRESSURE ULCER.WHAT IS IT?(In my understanding as a Registered Nurse)

Pressure ulcer in a simple term is known as bedsores or decubitous ulcers. They are localized damages to the skin.They are very expensive to treat, so the best thing is not to develop pressure ulcer.The hallmark sign of pressure ulcer is that they usually develop over Bony Prominence due to unrelieved pressure such as the […]