Mr J.D. 49years old male was admitted into Medical/ Surgical Floor. Admitting Diagnosis: Necrotic Fasciitis Cellulitis. Secondly Diagnosis: Hypertension, diabetes poorly managed. Blood sugar in Emergency department 800.Insulin NPH 20units ,and 5units,of regular insulin given subQ to his right lower abdomen.Left leg red ,swollen with wound. Left leg elevated on pillows. SCD to the right […]


Come to me. Come back to you. Back to us. We must not be recolonalized. By East. By the West. They should keep those Fingers away from Nigeria. You are our parents. We miss you so much. We got no other parents. But you Nigeria. You are our hope and strength. Our cries must not […]


Mr. Y . J.74 years Male brought into the Emergency room by his daughter, because of confusion for the past two days. Diagnosis: Hyponatremia ( Sodium 125), Sepsis. Secondly Diagnosis:High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Dementia, Hypertension. Allergy: Morphine, Vancomycin. Diet :Cardic Heart health diet. Generalized rashes( reaction to antibiotic – Vancomycin) Bilateral upper Extremity skin tears. Tegaderm […]


A 48 years female was brought in by her husband to the Emergency room. Diagnosis:Osteomyelitis of right foot. Her foot was red and swollen. Diabetic ulcer under the right foot. Secondly Diagnosis: Diabetes type 2,hypertension. Patient was admitted to Medical/Surgical floor. Full code Room Air. DIET :Diabetic heart health diet. Blood sugar QAc +Qhs. Voiding […]


Nigeria my Nigeria. Where have you been. I have been searching for you. The beautiful Nigeria I know. The very intelligent people. Highly resourceful people. Oh Nigeria where did you go. The giant of Africa. I must not mourn you. But cling to hope. Yes I said hope. In the good old days. In the […]


A 93 Years old female was brought in by ambulance due mechanical fall.She fell while she was playing with her grandson. Diagnosis: Ground level fall,left hip dislocation. History of hypertension, high cholesterol, heart burn. Plan is pain control. WBAT (Weight bearing as tolerated). DVT Prophylaxis. Up with physical therapist. Dangle leg at bedside. Left hip […]


We are walking around . Going about our business. Coronavirus is hanging around . Like ticking ,ticking time bombs. We dance around,sing along. We run away at the sound of a firing gun but not with COVID19. Because COVID19 you cannot run. You cannot see it can’t run. Can you run away from death. It […]


Hate sounds bitter in my mouth, for so long ,long time. Lived with strong hatred, Have no reasons to do so. But my mother said so. Why feel intense for them. Why find her distasteful. But it became part of me with time. It beckons on me to hate. Hate with great intensity. Wasted my […]